Raised Garden Bends

Cedar Raised Garden Beds made from Fence Pickets – Single Width Why Raised Garden Boxes? We love raised garden boxes because it’s less to weed, brings your working height upward, and uses less soil. It’s also great for soil drainage, preventing soil compaction, and keeping unwanted pests out. We love that raised beds warm up […]

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Wood Chips & Termites

Does Wood Chip Mulch Attract Termites and Other Insects?  Wood chip mulch doesn’t create more insects in a given area, but it can provide moisture and protection for termites to tunnel into your home. Read on to learn more!

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TruGreen Review

TruGreen Lawn Care: Reviews, Coverage and More  Considering TruGreen lawn care services for your yard? Learn more about the popular lawn care provider in this TruGreen review. The post TruGreen Lawn Care: Reviews, Coverage and More appeared first on Today’s Homeowner.

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Get rid of Lawn Grubs

Getting Rid of Lawn Grubs — For Good  Some insects are extremely beneficial to your lawn. Pollinators help plants reproduce, predators get rid of unwanted pests and saprophytes help break down dead plant matter into nutrients in the soil. Some insects, however, do nothing but damage to grass. White grubs, in particular, are a bane […]

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Alternatives to Grass Lawns

5 Alternatives to Grass Lawns  Consider using a substitute for grass lawn in your yard, and never mow again. Lawns make up more than an estimated 63 thousand square miles in the US, three times that of any irrigated crop. It’s no surprise that they require an amazing amount of water and mowing to maintain. […]

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Landscaping Tips

All About Landscaping  What do you need to know before starting a landscaping project? Read on for tips about gardening, structures, lighting and more. If you have a freestanding home, even on a city lot, there’s probably dirt around it that benefits from plantings, lawns, or garden features. What you do with the space around […]

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DIY Concrete Planter

DIY Concrete Planters, Concrete Patio Table, Concrete Floor and More!  Who is counting down for the weekend? It’s always nice to have unscheduled time, where we can do whatever we want, like work on our homes! We have been knee-deep (literally) in deep-cleaning projects. It’s always crazy pulling everything out, but the after is so […]

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Healthy Lawn

The sunny green giant: how to make your grass shimmer this summer The hot weather can dry your lawn out and make it turn yellow at certain times during a year, making it unsightly – even if you have a stylish garden with beautiful plants and outdoor rattan garden furniture. This could potentially happen in […]

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Choosing a Landscape Designer

4 Tips To Perfectly Choose A Landscape Designer One needs to consider various things when choosing a landscape designer. Whether you are choosing a landscape design for your garden or to build a new house, the designer can bring a huge impact right from the process stage to the final result. These designs are also […]

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Garden Pots

A Know-How on Using Garden Pots for Great Results Gardens pots are perfect if you wish to add a new dimension to your garden area. These pots are available in various colors, textures, shapes, and sizes. If your garden has a very flat landscape, you can use garden pots to add some height to the […]

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